Animated HTML5 Banner ads are winners

Who doesn’t remember Tommy Hilfiger as a 90s kid?  It was a staple, that iconic flag and the the puffer jackets.  If you don’t know about it, let a quick search on the internet help you out. These looks were influential. So, when I... Read more


Ratings Now Standard

Ever wanted to add ratings but didn’t want to add a plugin? Well the base of the theme now has the ability to add ratings, schema and more to all post types registered. This will convert comments to reviews. That’s not all... Read more


MH Basic Gutenberg wordpress Theme

WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg editor scare a lot of people with how it works and how much of the editing experience can now be customized. It’s at times overwhelming, and can cause paralysis with so many choices. Which block do I... Read more


Bordered emails that POP!

Beautiful borders from your email template editor are possible, sort of. I’ve been inspired by background images in email for a while. Some people have stayed away from them for the obvious: email client support. If done the right way, it is an invaluable

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smarty sassy framework

I have been working with a few frameworks recently and I figured I would take the time and develop something that suited the need of a finicky client. Yes, it seems like nearly all the things I do are at the behest of a finicky client…

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my resume design: a look back at the future

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m not the best designer in the world, although, I have been known to crush it. So, it was very encouraging to see the new movie poster for the Steve Jobs movie, and more importantly that it looked very familiar.

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designers friendly sass font mixin

I recently was working on a project for a client and realized that I wanted a mixin, but they changed their minds frequently. So I was tasked with creating a mixin that could easily handle the nesting (read rems instead of percentages or ems)

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