Who doesn’t remember Tommy Hilfiger as a 90s kid?  It was a staple, that iconic flag and the the puffer jackets.  If you don’t know about it, let a quick search on the internet help you out. These looks were influential. So, when I got the opportunity to work with their team for the 2022 fashion season I could not pass up the opportunity. 

Now it’s not maybe in my normal capacity or role but I welcomed working with this household name ( really a brand) nonetheless. They had a set of ads, but the kicker is that they didn’t want the boring old image banners created by their graphics department.  They wanted dynamic, cool animations and more than one product. The solution was simple: HTML5 animated banners. Now this isn’t new but for me it was a challenge given all the constraints. 

Animated banners are a flashy term and definitely quite cool when you think if your advertising choices. I was excited to work on this marketing effort and was paired up with a wonderful team of designers and creative director that was very open to ideas. It was a collaborative effort of course.  I worked with the folks at IndustrialColor. We started with a storyboard, approved images and worked together to find solutions that were relatively low rendering animations that the browser could handle even when stressed. Some of the concerns ads have and being on a page with other GPU intensive applications/animations yet working the same is not always easy. 

Picture of ad here for reference: 

The results were not exactly as storyboard, but they never are.  The first set of ads ran earlier this year and I had such a great experience. It was wonderful, to hear then, that I had cinched this again for the fall and  winter season ads!  I was excited but also happy that taking this step into something that I didn’t exactly seek out, sell as my offerings, or even think about to do could be such a great work that I’m proud of. 

Well, maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, they are a set of ads.   That’s not exactly what excites me most. Im elated that, even in my seniority in my career, I still got to participate on a marketing project where I felt I was heard and seen and made meaningful contributions. I’d like to do that again, so anyone who works at an ad agency, and digital design firm and places which needs HTML5 animated banner ads: let’s connect! 

With this project down now Im confident I can do any type of marketing banners, in all standard and custom sizes. slideshow type banners, constantly or one time only animations. Please don’t hesitate to contact me, if you have any of these needs and if you don’t need a custom banner. Lets have a conversation!

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