About me

I am Michael Headley also known as mheadley, a user experience designer and engineer. I've been helping clients build engaging user experiences for over 10 years. During this time, I've practiced and grown my expertise in PHP, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. As a front end focused engineer, I look forward to pushing the boundaries of html, css, and javascript.

What do I offer?

{ } Design Systems, applications, APIs, and interfaces all need thoughtful user experiences. How? It is done by design—one that is user centric and focused on simplicity and usability at the same time.
< > Develop Code is everywhere now and the internet rules it all. In my 10yr+ experience, I have mastered many programming languages and have gained a discerning eye on how best to use them together.
[ ] Consult There are many choices, frameworks, languages and design ideas for you to build with. It's important to know the why and what so you can engineer a solution. The guidance I offer can make the difference in a 2 week or 2 month build time.

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