Software Engineer Extraordinaire

  • ✓ Shopify expert
  • ✓ Develop in PHP, RoR, and more!

✓ Customize Applications

✓ CMS theme creation


Our work as a custom development company includes more than just that. We offer a wide range of software engineering services, platform management, design, custom configuration for apps and whatever your specific business needs.
Software ConsultingconsultingOur team has seen many implementations of CMS systems platforms and other software. The questions are boundless, so let us help you decide what you need and if you need it.
Software Development developingWe can assist you in selecting the right technology stack, developing the app, implementation and training of use.
ShopifyconsultingWe can create custom apps and integrations for shopify stores, unleashing some powerful features that aren’t easy for a beginner to accomplish.
API IntegrationconsultingSometimes things just don’t communicate well or there is a missing piece. We can help connect apps with Zapier, or vanilla APIs
Ecommerce MigrationDevelopingMoving from WooCommerce to shopify? or to BigCommerce? We can help make that transition seamless and also evaluate features that you may lose/gain.
Dynamic HTML AdsdevelopingKnowledgeable in dynamic HTML ads, we can create animated ads for you to use on Google ads or other publishing networks
Application supportsupportNeed product information and/or technical support? We help solve any bugs or issues in your products/platforms or answer any questions you may have.
Performance and AnalyticsconsultingWe can assist in setting up GA, matomo or any other performance and tracking implementations.
Email MarketingconsultingEmails are hard to design, and even harder to code. Let us develop it to fit your design in all the different clients.

Hi! I’m Michael Headley—website engineer and consultant based in New York, New York. I partner with our clients remotely; depending on your needs, add other experts that can assist in executing your project on time, on budget, and with world-class quality. This way, clients all get the benefits of hiring an agency with us.

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