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MH Basic Gutenberg wordpress Theme

WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg editor scare a lot of people with how it works and how much of the editing experience can now be customized. It’s at times overwhelming, and can cause paralysis with so many choices. Which block do I use? How do I put the block in the page and arrange the… [see full post]

WP Simple media locations management with real folders

looking for a simple plugin that will allow you to choose your upload location and save the image to that folder? hmmm, seemed to be so simple yet wordpress repository had no free plugins for this. So… I created one. A very simple one to that. Instructions 1) Upload to wp-content/uploads/plugins folder 2) got to… [see full post]

Bordered emails that POP!

Beautiful borders from your email template editor are possible, sort of. I’ve been inspired by background images in email for a while. Some people have stayed away from them for the obvious: email client support. If done the right way, it is an invaluable

E-commerce Solutions (Part 2)

the is the second in a series of two articles to help understand what e-commerce solution is best. this is part two a comparison table