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Comparison Table

Below is a simple needs graph.  Questions to ask when going in business and the answer if you choose this platform.

Business needs graph:

Woo = woo commerce

Sq = squarespace

Shop = Shopify

Mag = magento

+S = monthly subscription fee to get feature not included by default

+P = not core feature but has plugin (might incur cost)

C = core feature

What will your business need from the platform:woosqshopmag
Shipping calculations+PC+SC
Will you require order pickup? +Pn/a+S+P/+S
Will you require customers to start a return online? +PCCC
RFM processing? +PCCC
Account levels/roles security available? (fine grain control)n/an/aCC
Integration with tax/ has zones?+PC1C+P/+S
Will your require inventory management of a real world system? +Pn/a+S+P/+S
Cart recovery and other customer re-acquisition marketing mails+Pn/a+P/+S+P/+S
Sell products on other platforms (feeds, channels etc)n/an/aCC
API to connect with other apps on internet (extend add your own custom features)+Pn/aCC
Analytics and reportingCCCC

1Not a good implementation for everyone and people that need to calculate by zip might need to absorb some burden because of incorrect calculations

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