WP Simple media locations management with real folders

looking for a simple plugin that will allow you to choose your upload location and save the image to that folder? hmmm, seemed to be so simple yet wordpress repository had no free plugins for this. So… I created one. A very simple one to that.


1) Upload to wp-content/uploads/plugins folder

2) got to plugins -> add new to locate plugin and activate

Using plugin

Media locations are created under media – > media locations menu item. slug is used to create folder, name is used as frontend display only.
There are few allowed characters in slugs only numbers, letters and hyphens. *(underscores will save to db but not save to folder name)*

if you want to have more than one location with the same slug please use an “_”.

using an “_” in a location slug will cause all text to be parsed and ONLY the last portion will be used.

examples: “mike_h_folder” -> “folder”, “1_nooo” -> “nooo”, “black” -> “black”.


highlight of the admin area enhancements you get with plugin

Download It Now


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