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WordPress 5 and the Gutenberg editor scare a lot of people with how it works and how much of the editing experience can now be customized. It’s at times overwhelming, and can cause paralysis with so many choices. Which block do I use? How do I put the block in the page and arrange the layout how I’d like it? The questions are endless.

My basic theme puts a rest to those fears. You will only see a few (2) blocks. You will have a few options on the inspector controls but not too many. However, even with so few settings and customizations—you can achieve one of nearly 1200 different combinations of styles and colors to showcase your brands style.


This theme is built as a mobile first theme. All the customizations, css and even Javascript have been tested on mobile devices too.


different theme options can dramatically change the way your theme works and looks.

  • You want full screen bleed of images? Done.
  • Auth bio on single page?Done.
  • Sticky scrolling effects? Done
  • and more to come!

Download it today and try it out!

You can also get it here using this github link

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