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5 best sites to find free stock photos for your email campaign

When creating templates its really easy to forget one of the most important assets need to be planned first. Images, and you don’t always have a photographer to take great photos for you, or the money for it. I’ve compiled a list of the places I frequent for all my stock photo needs that aren’t… [see full post]

E-commerce Solutions (Part 2)

Comparison Table Below is a simple needs graph.  Questions to ask when going in business and the answer if you choose this platform. Business needs graph: Woo = woo commerce Sq = squarespace Shop = Shopify Mag = magento +S = monthly subscription fee to get feature not included by default +P = not core… [see full post]

E-commerce Solutions (Part 1)

This post is to help compare the platforms of shopify, magento, squarespace, and woo commerce as solutions to selling products online.  These are the four largest platforms that allow you to create your own store and administer to it, as opposed to marketplaces like ebay, etsy, or amazon.  These platforms also sometimes offer the ability… [see full post]

smarty sassy framework

I have been working with a few frameworks recently and I figured I would take the time and develop something that suited the need of a finicky client. Yes, it seems like nearly all the things I do are at the behest of a finicky client. So this Grid layout responsive, and smart enough for… [see full post]

my resume design: a look back at the future

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m not the best designer in the world, although, I have been known to crush it. So, it was very encouraging to see the new movie poster for the Steve Jobs movie, and more importantly that it looked very familiar. Familiar so that I took notice to it and realized wow,… [see full post]